Crazy laws in England

Hi Brit,

Anne commented on Too much time on their hands, that we should check out the Animal Welfare Act, which I did.  There’s a link to the actual law in pdf format in the middle of that page.  While I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, this is crazy.  No offense intended, Brit.  It does appear that any person off the street can enter your property if they “suspect” you have a non-farm animal, search for it, make sure it is not being mistreated, and, (if necessary) use reasonable force to do so.  Said random person can also take the animal, also by reasonable force (if necessary) if it is suffering.  It’s no wonder They won’t let you people have guns!  That law would get hundreds of people shot over here every week.

 the Grit


2 Responses to “Crazy laws in England”

  1. Neal Says:

    We really need this new legislation. Abuse and neglect of equines in this country is Victorian in its ubiquity.

    Attitudes need to change and this Act is a step in the right direction.

    It may cause problems at first but the nightmare scenario would be animals left to suffer due to apathy.

    This Act is good news for animal lovers and people who would like to believe we are civilised.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Neal

    Whilst I oppose animal cruelty totally, I also oppose laws which eradicate Human Rights. These types of laws can, as has been seen many times, be abused and end up with innocent people, and in this case animals, being subjected to unfair and stressful treatment.

    These laws open the possibility of animals being used as bait and ransom in other non-related disputes between neighbours. Is that a fair position to put either a person or their animal in? The right procedure, as with other crimes, is to report it to the authorities and let them investigate the matter.

    the Brit

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