So the democrats have energy

Hi Grit

I see that the lets raise a penny for global warming is catching on, when really what the governments are saying is let’s line our pockets. In fact, if you look at the revenue raised from energy in the western world, it would go a long way to setting up an alternative system. But where does it go? To pay for all the private jets and expensive expenses that keep the politicians in the style to which they want to become accustomed.

Mind you, I read somewhere that we could use solar power. Apparently the US could be self-sufficient in solar power quite easily. All you have to do is cover most of Arizona with solar panels. Now the only thing that bothers me about this is that if we wanted to do the same in the UK, we would have to cover the whole country, because apparently our problem might be greater than yours.

The idea of spending the rest of my life living under a solar panel shield does not appeal

the brit

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