Shucks, the US looses one.

Hi Brit,

One of those things we’re taught from childhood on is that we, as a people, are evil for what we did to the Indians, excuse me, Native Americans, and are the only people who have ever done such a horrible thing.  Hah!  Even though I’ve long known that the Native American’s got kicked out by the British, French, and Spanish (something they finally teach one in college,) I just found this bit of news, Sweden’s Sami struggle over land rights.  It seems that the Swedes have been oppressing a native people!  Cool!  Sweden has been around a lot longer than the USA, so that means that we, as a people, are off the hook and everyone can start hating the Swedes as evil repressive monsters instead of directing that sentiment toward us.  That’s a load off my mind.

the Grit

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