Pelosi dines at Big Business trough!

Hi Brit,

It’s amusing to watch the players change, while the the game stays the same.  Instead of following up on her promise to run an honest and open Congress, Nanny Pelosi is dishing out the political favors for Big Business in her home district of San Francisco.  This time, she’s directed the party of the people, that would be Democrats, in a scheme to get credit for raising the minimum wage, while helping her home town cronies by screwing the workers in American Samoa:

GOP hits Pelosi’s ‘hypocrisy’ on wage bill

The only way I can figure this one out is that our Speaker Lady doesn’t consider Samoans to be people.  Well, she could just be on the take from the tuna companies.  Someone who out in SF should keep an eye on her house to see if any tuna shaped packages are delivered.

the Grit

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