Democrats solve energy problems!

Hi Brit,

Good news!  Our liberal party, the Democrats, have solved our energy crisis.  How, one must be tempted to ask, can they do this in less than a week of legislating?  They’ve fallen back on their tried and true tactics, raise taxes!  Democrats unveil energy package  Simple as that, and the problem is solved.  Assuming that President Bush wouldn’t veto any version of this that lands on his desk, not only will this tax cut Gulf oil and natural gas production, which nasty products lead to Global Warming, but, with convoluted evil genius, it will work to prevent prices on those products from ever falling!  Plus, this will teach Big Oil two important lessons, don’t screw with Nanny Pelosi and start making wind mills because the liberals are going to run you out of business.  Oh, it’s so nice to not have that to worry about any more.

the Grit


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