Bend it like Beckham

beckham.jpgHi Grit

You may or may not have heard that one of our most famous footballers, David Beckham, has just signed a five year deal to play for a football (soccer) club in LA. Of course, the package might be a little difficult to live on at 80 pence ($1.60) a second, which equates to £500,000 ($1,000,000) a week.

posh.jpgWell in case it gets a little hard to make ends meet, playboy have offered his wife a job in the magazine. Something about centre pages I think. Whilst I would not know what the going rate for that is, I am sure it will not be chicken feed.

You know your people over there should really look at the salary rates you pay some of your celebrities 🙂

the Brit

5 Responses to “Bend it like Beckham”

  1. Megan Bayliss Says:

    Chicken feed – she looks like she couldn’t feed a flea! Hopefully with her husbands salary she be’ll able to afford a jolly good steak with mash.

  2. the Brit Says:

    Hi Megan

    Thanks for your comment. I guess with his salary she could have the biggest steak in Texas


  3. djangonee Says:

    It’s usually worthwhile to read a little more deeply into the story before going public with your ignorance. Hasn’t bothered you yet with your global warming denialist posts, but tamino is around to handle that. On the subject of Beckham, the deal isn’t $250 million. It’s a fraction of that. Part of his deal will involve (psst…this isn’t fully reported yet) equity in the Galaxy. But what *is* reported, and widely reported for those who can be bothered, is that Beckham’s deal only becomes $250 million with a perfect storm of incentives, ticket sales and merchandise sales. His base is something like $10 million, which is hardly worth mention in the world of sports salaries, and is in fact a 50% cut on his $19.3 million Real salary. The rest of the so-called $50 million is shirts shirts shirts. The Galaxy own his image rights once his Real contract lapses. As for what we pay our respective countries’ athletes, in your attempt to be wry you may have bolloxed the specific but you have it right in the general: as an example, Thierry Henry reels in 9.8 million euros, not bad. If he was here, at a comparable level in the NBA, he’d probably make 25% more and for five more years, footballers’ careers being that much shorter. The US is just wealthier, and basketball is particularly lucrative. But then, Henry grew up with posters of Michael Jordan on his wall, so he may well have the skills to come play for the Clippers once he loses his ability to go 90 at the Emirates, world-class athlete that he is.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    hi djangonee

    Thank you for your comments. My apologies in that I should have written the word “package” instead of salary. which I accept is a little misleading and I have now changed. Thanks for the additional info on the subject. I will admit that sport is not my most favourite subject. However, I again would say the the media, at least in the UK, lead with misleading headlines on subjects like these.

    I would say that I am not a global warming denialist. I have been trying to study both sides of the argument and seeking more detailed knowledge on the subject. The intention of my post was to seek the response to the issues that I have seen reported and studied.

    the brit

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi djangonee

    Thank you for your comments. I will admit that I made one mistake in my post. I should have put the word “package” rather than salary, and I have now changed this. However, I would again say here that the UK media do not make such a distinction in their headlines. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

    I am not a Global Warming denialist. I have studied the subject and the arguments from both sides of the issue. The intention of my post was to outline a number of researches on the issue that appear to question the research of those who support the subject and to engender clarification, which as you say, Tamino will provide. With all the facts presented one can then make a valued judgement.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to write here.

    the Brit

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