Just in case y’all drop by the States for a visit…

Hi Brit,

I happened across this, What every Brit should know about jaywalking, and figured I’d better point it out to you in case you make it across the pond.  It’s difficult to believe that y’all don’t have a law against jaywalking.  Doesn’t it interfere with traffic?  I know it’s illegal in Canada, since my wife got a ticket for it.  Not just a casual, he police happened to notice, ticket either; the local law had an officer staking out that particular crossing specifically to catch jaywalkers.

Of course, the story does contain what, I suspect, is the key determination in the difference in our legal views on this subject,  “where it is considered a personal responsibility to cross the road safely.”  Personal responsibility is something our Government is trying to wean us off of.

the Grit

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