Global warming bias in news media.

Hi Brit,

Here’s not only a great example of media bias toward the global warming theory, but also some interesting technological information that means we may get actual data in the near future on which to base decisions. 

Tiny Satellites Watch Earth Warm

This is great proof of the media lies since, not only does it not offer any real information about global temperatures, but, while leading with a strong title claiming that the Earth is getting warmer, it also points out that we don’t have enough temperature data on many areas of our planet.  Come on left wing reporters, even you liberals can’t have your cake and eat it too.

the Grit

4 Responses to “Global warming bias in news media.”

  1. saturn5 Says:

    “we may get actual data in the near future on which to base decisions.”

    We already have actual data and it shows the planet has warmed by about 0.5°C in the last century. I’d expect Cosmic to fill in the gaps, but not change the general story. And don’t forget that ocean temperatures are measured endlessly by shipping across the whole planet, as well as remote sensing from aircraft and satellites.

    You have a funny idea of ‘proof’, offering one instance of reporting that doesn’t offer details and ignoring the thousands of articles and learned papers that offer masses of data.

    I’m all for accurate and detailed reporting, but since global warming is now accepted by most, based on evidence, it isn’t fair to criticise an author for putting their story in context.

    So, on what evidence do you base your apparent scepticism of global warming?

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi saturn5,

    Well, to start with, look at your comment, “about 0.5°C in the last century.” That hardly sounds certain. Of course, since the raw data has been “corrected” I suppose that’s to be expected and if this were a minor matter under discussion in a technical paper, I wouldn’t care. However, the Global Warming crowd is using this as an excuse to change civilization as we know it, spend trillions of dollars, and keep developing countries in their place, all the while grabbing more political power for themselves. And all this is based on “corrected” data, bullying tactics in the scientific community, and biased press reports. It smells.

    the Grit

  3. saturn5 Says:

    If you expect better accuracy than “0.5°C” you have a very, very poor understanding of certainty and of scientific ‘proof’.

    There is no, repeat no, scientific story that is 100% certain. None. Not evolution, relativity, quantum mechanics, your height, the colour of your front door, nothing. But the weight of evidence is such that we accept the story and act appropriately. We can measure anything with an appropriate accuracy. Would it make a difference if it were 0.51°C, or 0.46°C? Or if the temperature change were measured to a precision of 5 decimal places? It doesn’t change the story.

    So, what I asked you was what evidence you have to deny global warming and to stop remedial action that will save ‘civilisation as we know it’? If you haven’t got the evidence (and it appears that you haven’t – just rhetoric) listen to the people who have.

  4. saturn5 Says:

    Oh, by the way, who’s ‘grabbing political power for themselves’? You mean it’s all right if George W Bush has the power but not for those who disagree with him? That smells!

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