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Hi Grit

Just to prove that the world is a place gone mad, I thought I would share these weird facts with you.

1) Smoking ban – as we have feared in the UK there are moves to ban people smoking in their own home. A couple in Wales have received a letter from their council stating they are being investigated after a neighbour complained about the smell of their smoking. It could lead to a smoking ban on their own house. Guess we need to find odour-free ciggies.

2) Tongue licking good – If you want to send someone a memory of chinese food you need to buy a stamp. In China they have just produced stamps, which when you lick them, taste of sweet and sour pork. If this is the case, I am surprised that our postal service has not got round to selling curry stamps!

3) A flush of excitement – In a UK town called Salisbury, a thief has just handed himself in to the police. His crime? He stole a pub urinal. No doubt he found it to be a load of C**p.

4) Bra the bullet – Over there recently a lady of 45 was saved from serious injury when her bra deflected a bullet. Strangely enough it was a 45 calibre bullet as well. However, my complaint is about equality. Why should it only be the ladies that have this protection?

the Brit 

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