Hi Grit

The stcalf.JPGory of the cloned calf reached us yesterday. It also transpired that this is a regular occurence in the UK and that we are already eating cloned animals, the embryos for which are kindly supplied by your country. However, what might be disturbing is that there is no record kept regarding these animals. Therefore, we have no idea how many are being bred, slaughtered or served on our Sunday plate. In itself this may not be a problem, but it does raise the question – how do we know that the human equivalent is not underway? Personally, I would hate to walk down the street and find myself coming towards me from the opposite direction.

Of course, the other problem is how we know that by eating these animals, that we are not going to become a clone breeding ground. I do of course study my stomach each morning, just to make sure that the slight excess is due to liquid refreshment and not something more sinister out of “the alien.”

the Brit

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