Wait until the cows come home

Hi Brit,

I just herd from my usually unreliable source.  It seems that another plot is ahoof.

Clone farming has arrived  Without going into the background of secret DOD (Department of Defense) cloning techniques, I felt compelled to tell you about the danger represented in this story.  You might note that the animals mentioned are “giant” cows.  This fact is at the heart of the Government’s plan.  Another fact you should be informed of is that, in a hidden biological warfare lab disguised as a cheese factory in Vermont, a genetically engineered variety of mad cow disease is being stockpiled.  Thus, once these giant cows are common around the world, a simple aerosol spray can be used by agents to cause the bovine behemoths to rampage through the country side causing widespread damage and disruption to our enemies while we maintain plausible denyability.”

Oh, just think about the problems caused by the giant cow pies scattered everywhere!

the Grit

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