The ghost of Sadam past

Hey Grit

I find the furore over Sadam’s hanging quite puzzling. Firstly, everyone in the world was aware that the sentence passed by the court, whether one agrees with the death penalty or not, was death by hanging. This decision was reached by a civilised national court. Therefore, in my view, that is the end of the story.

Like any execution, it is not going to be a pretty sight, but it is simply the fulfilment of a legal decision. However, all of the hype since his death seems to have been fuelled, in my opinion, by the media. I think that this is a touch of sour grapes to be honest. What media editor would not have paid thousands to have got the images that have been shown around the world? They are complaining about the bad taste, but have they not looked in their own cupboards?

What really puzzles me is why the UK and US governments have got involved at all! It wasn’t their justice, nor their execution. It was a democratic decision by the Iraq courts. So why do we have to apologise?

the Brit

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