Michael Jackson recovery program

jackson.JPGHey Grit

I don’t know if you all over there have noticed the recovery programme that has been set in place by the Jackson family for their favourite son Michael, but we sure have felt the effects in the UK.

First we had brother Tito appearing as a friend of David Gest on the reality TV show “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here.” Of course he could not fail to mention  how much brother Michael was misunderstood and that his love of children was purely platonic. A week or so later Tito then appears as a judge on another reality show, this time “Just the two of us.” This time, complete with a bowler hat and feather, every second sentence was littered with references to his much loved sibling.

Then, a week ago, brother Jermaine popped up in the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother.” His conversation has been littered with comments such as “Michael has a skin pigmentation problem”; “Michael’s actions are misunderstood”; “The world can be so cruel to someone as loving as Michael” and “He’s not broke, just needing to sort out his finances.” 

No-one seems to have mentioned the fact that Michael paid out substantial sums to quiet previous allegations against him, nor that he has sought refuge, first in Bahrain and now in Ireland, nor that his “Never-Neverland” mansion is now standing in ruins.

Is this all just an attempt to restart the gravy train that has funded the Jackson family over the past two decades or so?

the Brit


2 Responses to “Michael Jackson recovery program”

  1. Megan Bayliss Says:

    That’s a great pic of a young Elizabeth Taylor. Her flawless white skin was once beautiful.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Megan

    Look that good does he?


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