The lights may go off in the UK

Hi Grit

It seems that we have an energy crisis looming in the UK. This time it is not so much to do with Global Warming, as the fact that a significant amount of our supplies now originate from Russia. The problem appears to be that the Energy organisations in Russia are not so public spirited as other countries in the EU. Therefore, they think nothing of cutting off energy supplies as and when it takes their fancy.

In hindsight (what else?), the EU, in the shape of Chancellor Merkel, is saying that perhaps we should not be so dependent on imported energy supplies. It is a little late to start playing that tune, especially as the UK has sold the majority of its energy companies to overseas corporation and relies heavily upon places like Norway and Russia to keep our lights on.

Methinks I need a supply of candles and a generator if it gets much more difficult. Still, I suppose it gives a new meaning to the term “cold-war!”

the brit

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