Settle the Saddam hanging the American way!

Hi Brit,

I suspect, knowing how well informed you are, that you’ve noticed the uproar over Saddam having his neck stretched.  While I expect this nonsense from Europe, I must admit that I’m a bit taken aback by the reaction in America.  Truly, I don’t understand the fuss.  We’ve been after this asshole for decades, and, now that we got him, everyone wants to cry? 

I must, reluctantly, apologize for my country.  Over the decades since we saved the world from the Nazis, the Japs, the Fascists, and the Communists, it would seem that, as a nation, we’ve lost our balls.  Really, what are we boo-hooing about?  The guy was some of the worst scum produced since Hitler and Stalin?  Crap people, if this was 1950 and that saw Hitler dangling from the gallows, we would make it a national holiday and be mass producing little Hang-a-Hitler action play sets!  Hell, you liberal whimps make me so sick that, if I didn’t have a family to take care of, I’d throw in with the religious lunatics myself and do my best to kill all of you.  Seriously, 70 virgins is starting to sound better than Social Security!

the Grit

2 Responses to “Settle the Saddam hanging the American way!”

  1. icanplainlysee Says:

    LMAOO i always enjoy your stuff, but this was a cut above. Thanks!

  2. britandgrit Says:

    I do what I can, and it’s always good to be appreciated! Thanks much.

    the Grit

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