And I thought Global Warming was a pain!

Hi Brit,

As you know, the Global Warming fanatics have been using the theory as a basis for trying to force everyone on the planet, especially those of us in the US, into changing our life styles back to something from the Middle Ages, while, at the same time, using it as an excuse to grab political power.  The main vehicle for this is the UN, which is, best I can figure, the most corrupt political organization on Earth.  Fortunately, Global Warming, while being bought hook, line, and sinker in Europe, doesn’t fly anywhere else.  However, it looks like we’re about to be hit with Phase II of the Green Wave.

ESA launches new project to protect biodiversity

Here we are slapped with more junk science with a blatant political spin, claiming that 100 species go extinct every day on our planet, “due to factors such as land use change and pollution.”  Which, obviously is total crap.  However, it makes a great excuse for the “environmentally friendly” politicians to throw out democracy and take control, because they know better.  I’m sorry they won’t let you have guns over there, since I suspect y’all will need them soon.  Keep in mind that, if you manage to make it out in time, I have plenty.

the Grit


2 Responses to “And I thought Global Warming was a pain!”

  1. Darmok Says:

    While politicians could certainly be espousing a cause for political gains, the scientific community has little to gain by publishing additional research that supports global warming—indeed, showing results contrary to previously accepted ideas would probably earn them more fame and perhaps money. Skepticism is good, of course, but the data are abundantly clear by this point. I am unaware of any climate scientist who disputes that global warming is occurring.

    How are politicians throwing out democracy and taking control? I’ve seen no evidence of this.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Darmok,

    First, as you’ll find if you visit our friend, you’ll find a site devoted to global warming with lots of numbers and stuff, none of which, to me, proves the case. So, the data are not clear, or, really, all that abundant, which is one of the things making me skeptical. As to throwing out democracy and evidence of it, take a look at cases involving endangered species and what unelected government agencies can and have done to private land where they are discovered.

    the Grit

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