Three drunk drivers in the same car?

Hey Grit

Generally, like you, I have every respect for mine and other nation’s police force. However, I thought I should share a story with you that shows that even the world’s esteemed law enforcement officers can get it wrong sometimes.

Sometime over the Christmas period the Australian police force had reason to stop a car which they believed was in the control of a drunk driver. Apart from the driver there were, apparently, two other occupants. Anyway they arrested the driver and let the others go. Shortly afterwards the same car was stopped for the same reason. This time there was a woman driving. Again the police arrested the driver and let the remaining passenger and car proceed on its journey. Two hours later the same car was stopped again by Australian police who believed that the driver was drunk. As a result, the third occupant, who was now driving the car, was arrested.

Personally, if I was in the police officers position I think I would have checked the other passengers for soberness, don’t you?

the Brit

One Response to “Three drunk drivers in the same car?”

  1. Megan Bayliss Says:

    Oh please, those Aussies were taking the “try, try and try again” maxim to the extreme.
    Partner tells a story of a male Aussie species he took car keys off one drunken evening. Drunked caught a cab home and back again, returning with his spare set of car keys. After again heading for home in his own vehicle, Dumb drunk got picked up by the police.
    There is a God and Elvis is in charge.

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