Didn’t the Democrats promise a more ethical Congress?

Hi Brit,

I seem to recall a lot of talk from the Democrats about having a more ethical Congress if they took over.  I guess that means they’re going to remove Senator Reid (D – Nev) from his office, Reid’s Land Deal.  It looks like the fat cat Senator has picked up a few hundred thousand dollars in a shady, and undisclosed, land deal.  Reid, the new Senate Majority Leader, claims everything was on the up and up, just like Hilary Clinton’s gift for commodities trading, and not to bother looking into the details.  Oh, and he also offered, showing just how gracious the evil rich guy is, to go back, now that he’s been caught, and amend his ethics reports for the last decade or so.  I would point out to Nanny Pelosi, who spouted volumes on the Culture of Corruption in Washington during the last campaign cycle, that all Impeachments start in the House and that one for Senator Rich Guy Reid should be at the top of her agenda, right after she legislates poverty, intolerance, and Big Business out of existence.

the Grit

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