This should be the top news story!

Hi Brit,

I just found this, Iranian agents arrested in Baghdad: BBC, and can’t figure out why it’s not the lead story in every newspaper and on TV.  There seems to be a conspiracy by the news media and the US Government to keep the general public feeling negative about the war in Iraq.  It’s just like when they skipped over the report that we actually had found some of Saddam’s chemical weapons.  Everyone in power just quietly agreed that bit of information wasn’t news worthy.  So now we’re going to ignore this proof that there is a legitimate reason to declare war on Iran, and get on with kicking their ass.  Instead, we’re going to merrily skip on down the path to loosing another war because our politicians are more interested in getting reelected than in doing what’s right for the country.

the Grit


2 Responses to “This should be the top news story!”

  1. Jason357 Says:

    If I controlled Iran, and a powerful government invaded a neighboring country, I’d be in there too trying to balance events to my country’s favor. It’s called protecting the country’s interests, something the US government forgot about long ago. Iran’d be stupid to not get involved, because everyone knows Iran is next on the list if Bush controls the Iraqi government and maintains US military forces in Iraq.

    The arrests happened 12/21/06. What took so long to report it? Could it be that the story was planted for maximum coverage on the weekend news cycle. I wouldn’t bite at that as a reporter either. There are far more significant events that are relevant to US citizen interests, like Bush not coming up with an Iraq plan as more and more of US troops die under a failed policy.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Magnum J,

    And thanks for taking the time to comment. However, the reason Iran is sticking its collective nose in Iraq is that the country is run by insane religious types that hate the Iraqis because of disputes over mythology, and a few million dead citizens from their war with Saddam. Control of more oil wells may also be on their minds. Still, the capture of agents provocateur gives us a great excuse to blast their level of technology back a few hundred years. Not that we will. As a country we seem to have lost our stones.

    the Grit

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