France, stupid France.

Hi Brit,

This should amuse you:

Chirac slams Iraq war as boost to terrorism


Al-Qaeda calls for Iraq-style jihad in Somalia

On one hand we have France bad mouthing the US for the war in Iraq, something they didn’t like because they were making too much money from ripping off the oil for food program and selling weapons and nuclear technology to Saddam, and on the other hand, we have the conflict in Somalia, which I’m pretty sure is France’s fault somehow, where they also don’t think anyone should get involved (especially them) producing the exact same results.  Of course, considering how poorly they treat their own Muslim population, I guess they have to talk big to distract world attention from their own bigoted falling apart crap country.  Personally, I think Chirac should spend his time figuring out how to stop the, seemingly, endless riots in France instead of wasting his time offering poorly informed speculations on global affairs.  Hey Jacques, can you hear that rasping sound?  Have you figured out that it’s your poor sharpening the blade on the guillotine?

the Grit

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