This explains a few things.

Hi Brit,

You’re a business person, and so, probably already know the answer to a question that has been on my mind for quite some time.  Are our top business people insane?  Come on, New Coke, Disneyland in France…  Well I stumbled across this, LEVIN’S BIG BRAIN DRAIN, and it makes things a little clearer. 

Gerald Levin, the one time CEO of Time Warner, has opened “new age Moonview Sanctuary.”  While that’s proof of a few loose screws in the head of at least one top executive, it gets better.  “for an annual fee of $175,000, they give celebrities, corporate honchos and other high rollers a huge helping of their new age healing – everything from shamanism, acupuncture, yoga and hypnotherapy sessions to brain painting”  It seems there is a lot of looniness going around in upper crust society.  Of course, this raises a new question.  Does being rich make you crazy, or do you need to be crazy to get rich?

the Grit

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