Speaker Nanny Pelosi!?!

H Brit,

Just so you stay up on political happenings here in the States, this woman,


Nancy Pelosi, is moments away from becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Even though the Democrats ran on a platform of moderation in Government, this woman is an extremely liberal Representative from some twisted district in San Fransisco, California.  There are good and bad things about this event.

Bad: this places her second in line to be President, should something happen to Bush and Cheney. 

Good: if she follows tradition, the Speaker rarely appears on the floor of the House, so we won’t have to look at her so often.

Bad: she’ll push through a load of junk legislation, that will be praised by the news media, but which won’t have a chance to pass the Senate.  The only thing that will get done in Congress is an endless series of Committee investigations and hearings on how evil the current Administration is.

Good: we’ll have an endless source of political stuff to make fun of.

the Grit


3 Responses to “Speaker Nanny Pelosi!?!”

  1. Megan Bayliss Says:

    You never know Grit, she may just whip them into shape.
    I look forward to your twisted political satire. Most people just laugh at America but I find your humor really funny – it makes me laugh laugh.
    Is her suit really that pink or is it just bad photography?

  2. the Grit Says:

    Hi Megan,

    Even though she’s quite wealthy, she’s been known for years as having more sense for politics than for fashion. That changed yesterday when she wore some high class, fancy clothes, apparently after hiring a fashion consultant.

    the Grit

  3. sheepleherder Says:

    Impeach Pelosi and Reid Now! Sign the petition!!


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