Keeping a weather eye out.

Hi Brit,

I just noticed this, “Perfect storm” brews over Australia’s west, and thought we should say good luck to all our friends from Down Under.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with you; stay safe.

the Grit


2 Responses to “Keeping a weather eye out.”

  1. Megan Bayliss Says:

    Thanks Grit. I’m on the east side so the cyclone is no threat to us here…but…it is cyclone season and we are prepared with tins of food, batteries, solar charged lights, candles, tarps – you know, the stuff that makes it expensive to live in paradise!
    Last year Cyclone Larry left us without electricity for a week – that meant no computer for me but we had no damage to our house. Many, many other people lost everything.

  2. the Grit Says:

    Hi Megan,

    Glad to hear you’re in no immediate danger. Lack of electricity is a pain. We lost power here for several days, a few years back, due to an ice storm. Fortunately, we don’t get the big wind storms here, although we do get tornadoes. Of course, as our son lives in New Orleans, we still feel the effects of the occasional hurricane.

    the Grit

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