Give me a break!

Hi Brit,

This one really ticks me off, Home Depot’s Nardelli leaves with $210 mln package!  It’s not the money the guy is getting (that’s $210 MILLION by the way.)  It’s the surprised tone of the press that he would leave!  Come on, anyone who won’t take a payoff of that magnitude to go away and leave people alone needs to be shot.  Any body who is shocked that a check for $210 MILLION can convince someone to go lounge on a beach for the rest of their life needs to be shot.  For that matter, business types who would shell out more than 6 figures to get someone out of the picture need to be shot, seeing as how they can be snuffed for half that price.  Of course, just as shootings desperately need to be done, Santa decides not to bring the .40 caliber Glock pistol I requested!  So, if the people who deserve some serious hole punching don’t get perforated, don’t blame me; talk to the fat guy in red.

the Grit


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