In the Drink

Hi Grit

To respond to your drinking item in Europe. It reality the drink problem in Europe is not a major issue, unless you happen to live in the UK. France, Germany and Spain, who have all allowed drinking from a minor age, and have greater laxity in terms of licencing laws, do not have a major problem with it.

Here in the UK, the laws have been much more prohibitive until recently. In Spain, where I lived for 12 months, drink accompanies every meal, including breakfast, where a scotch is welcome; mid-morning break where beer washes down the sandwich; afternoon tea, which is not the same without an added spirit and eventide, which starts with a beer at 6pm and ends in the early morning of the next day with a spirit of choice. Similarly, in France, wine flows freely down the necks of children almost from the moment they are born.

Thus, whilst the Spanish and French have had the freedom to partake from dawn until dusk and beyond and been able to pace themselves, we historically have had to cram our drinking into significantly fewer hours.  Whilst 24 hour access has recently become available here, some citizens are finding it difficult to get out of the olden day habit of downing 12 pints and hour. Therefore, if there is a drunken riot at sports events, concerts or just in towns throughout the EU, there is a fifty percent chance that one might find a UK instigator.

the brit

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