Germany rules the world?

I have just learned that the EU and the world have a little problem, at least for the next six months. Apparently, Germany has taken over the presidency of the EU for the next six months and are determined to push through some decisions that have been firmly rejected by a number of other member states, including France.

Were that not bad enough, at the same time they take over as leaders of the G8 group of nations, where they are already making noises about how they view the future through German eyes.

Maybe war is not the only way to achieve global domination?

the Brit


2 Responses to “Germany rules the world?”

  1. pre thor Says:

    After the lost war, Germany was crumbled and in ashes. The first good thing on the way to democracy the founding fathers did was a very wise constitution, much wiser than in France for example. While the Germans farsighted excluded plebiscites in general, knowing about the variability of the nations perceptions, most other countries didn’t. This allowed Germany from start on to be part of a very dynamically growing community and to take efforts to push it on itself, despite their former occupying forces. This also allowed Germany the flexibility to ratify the new EU constitution from one day to another without asking the german folk. Half a year presidency is not very much unless a country has ambitions to fortified support “smaller” countries such Portugal and Slovenia, which would follow in the 2 next periods, then followed by France who can go on with similar plans with supporting “smaller” countries. Enough time to ratify the constitution in countries like France and Netherlands, to strengthen Christian values (casual simplified due to Pope Benedikt), to enforce the EU army and tighten economical interests.
    Back to your question: I don’t think Germany but the European Union leads the world, passive in fields like economics, science, sports and even military. If you would ask which of the EU countries would lead the EU soonest I’d say Germany, but this is very hypothetical, hypothetical enough that nobody really cares about your question or consider it as a possibility.
    However the leadership of the G8 doesn’t give Germany much opportunities, because it is more a community of interests. They will try to starch the usage of renewable energy and call for more climate protection.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Thanks for your interesting insight, Thor.

    the Brit

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