Where’s the press?

Hi Brit,

I’ve been following this on the net for a day or three, Artillery rains down on Somali Islamist bastion, and, since I’m a news junkie and keep a 24 hour news channel on in the background all day, it puzzles me that this hasn’t been on our news.  Seriously, there’s a shooting war going on in Africa, with terrorist inclined Muslims on one side, and it doesn’t get any air time?  For that matter, why aren’t we sending troops, or at least air support?  Where’s the UN?  Where’s the EU?  Where’s any other major group that goes by a pair of initials?  Really, as I understand it, one side in this conflict is connected to terrorists, and the civilized world is supposed to be fighting a war against those people, why isn’t everyone jumping into this one?  Considering that Spain and Thailand got bombed by just such idiots today, it should be on everyones’ minds.

the Grit


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