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Just thought I would let you know that part of the Christmas gifts I bought for my partner Marlis, was two tickets (well I could not let her go alone, now could I?) to see the renowned musical “Starlight Express.”  The show is based around railways and performed by actors on roller skates.

In case you in the US are not familiar with this show, here are a few factoids from it.

1) The show opened in 1984 and has been produced in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

2) In London there were over 7,400 performances before it closed in 2002, making it second only to “Cats” another Lloyd Webber Production.

3) An estimated 16 million people have seen the show worldwide and the estimated gross box office world-wide is £352 million.

4) The theatre ghost, who has been seen since the theatre was a cinema, sat in Row Q, sometimes during the evening performances.

5) 6 miles of timber, two and half acres of sheet wood and 60 tonnes of steel were used to construct the set.

6) There are 1,500 light bulbs on the set, 1,200 lanterns and 6,000 pea lights on the back wall of the set to create the star effect.

7) The top speed recorded by a skater was 40 mph during a rehearsal.

8 ) 20,000 pairs of skate laces, 25,000 skate wheels and 15,000 toe stops were used during the London run.

9) The London skaters got through 1,200,000 boxes of tissues and 12,000 gallon bottles of water. 2,000 pairs of false eyelashes, 8,000 tins of base make-up and 2,000 tubs of make-up remover have been applied.

10) Three generations of the Pearton family watched the Apollo Victoria show every week for the final four years. The grand-daughter had skating lessons every week.

11) Alan Newman, a postman from Kent, saw the show 750 times and estimates he spent £21,000.00. He always sat in the same seat – Stalls L23.

I would mention here that the first time we will see it will be on the evening of the 6th January 2007.

Let’s hope it lives up to expectations.

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