Presidential confusion

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It is lthatcher.JPGittle wonder that our political system is becoming confusing. In the last thirtyblair-1.JPG years we have had two Prime Ministers who have thought themselves to be Presidents and acted in almost identical manners. The instigator of this role was Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative party, who served (if that’s the right word?) for ten year, and then of course there is Tony Blair, who has served the same term. Both have treated the country as their own plaything.

As for policies, the Labour party started on the extreme left and, when seeing how successful Conservatives were, moved to the centre. The conservatives on the other hand were on the extreme right. But since Labour have been in power, they too have moved to the centre. Thus we now have two parties playing on the same ground. In the meantime our third party, the Liberal Democrats, who were in the centre in the first place, have moved nowhere. However, they have been virtually trampled to death by the heavy boots of Labour and Conservative MP’s clamouring for their seats on the central rock. This may of course, be the reason why their leaders are inclined towards the bottle.

It is all a bit academic actually, because we are increasingly becoming subjected to the reign of the “faceless” ones from the European Community. Therefore, UK politics is become an irrelevance as nowadays we cannot sneeze unless it is in strict accordance with a directive from the EU.

Of course this is why voting turnouts are only between 45 and 60% and, as the winning party only receives about 35% of that vote, means we are governed (if one can call it that) by a party that is supported by less than 20% of the population.

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