Just in time for New Years!

Hi Brit,

Since I know you tip the occasional glass, I figured this might be of interest to you:

Huge ice shelf breaks free in Canada’s far north 

According to my quick calculations, that’s enough ice to make more than enough ice cubes for all the New Years parties around the globe, assuming it is cut carefully and shipped quickly enough to prevent premature melting.  So, if it happens to be due to global warming, I say “Thanks!”

Of course, if you read the fine print in the story, it turns out that the big break happened last year.  Which leads one to ask, why, if it’s such an important story, did it take 18 months to get around to mentioning it? 

Heck, even if we don’t cut it into tiny cubes, someone should tow it down to California.  They are always complaining about not having enough water, which is silly since they’re on the Pacific coast, but, perhaps, it’ll shut them up for a year or two.

the Grit


2 Responses to “Just in time for New Years!”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Perhaps they were waiting for the story to cool down a bit

    the brit

  2. Darmok Says:

    It was not reported earlier because it was not discovered earlier. The date of collapse was listed in the second sentence of the article, which is hardly fine print.

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