Once again, I am confused.

OK Brit,

I need your help on this one. 

Tories ‘party of working people’

Now, I know in the US at least one of our political parties will say anything to anyone to get a vote, but I’ve been laboring under the impression that you Brits had enough parties for everyone to find a reasonable fit between their own views and the platform of one group or another.  Could it be that y’all are shrinking into a two party system?  A little help please!

the Grit

4 Responses to “Once again, I am confused.”

  1. bananasfk Says:

    Generally speaking there are three ideological parties,two mainland ‘big’ regional parties, and the many ‘small’ northern irish parties split on religion. we dont do independants or the right wing.

    At the last general election (every five years) the Conservaties and Labour party) agreed on most things. For instance id cards, any differences really where on small side issues of say id cards.

    If your in a safe seat, and dont like the party there generally its a wasted vote. Elector turnout reflected this. The Devolution of Wales and Scotland might pose a threat to Labours majority in the future.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi bananasfk,

    Now I’m slightly less confused 🙂

    We have the voter turn out problem here as well. On the last go round it was, as I recall, around 40% of registered voters. Of course, considering some of the people I know who have voter cards, that may not be a bad thing.

    As to Whales and Scotland going their own ways, I keep waiting for California and New York to do the same.

    the Grit

  3. bananasfk Says:

    Your politics is easier since your relatively ‘new’, Scotland and Wales come as older lands with power structures before ‘union’, and instead of ‘moving forward’ these ‘local’ politicians would rather see a situation like Quebec in Canada emerge.

    While a Californian I would think claim to be a american first of all, rather than a Californian first, and a american second. which if you replace california with wales is a situation that would hurt the labour party (Tony Blair and ilk whom introduced it)

    You misunderstand about id cards – its not about voter registration.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi b,

    I got you on the id cards, it’s just that over here we have a problem with illegal immigrants and others (like dead people) who don’t have voter registration cards, voting anyway. There is a sizable group in our liberal party that thinks this is a good idea.

    Which brings us to California and US citizens. At the moment, there are a goodly number of California residents who not only think of themselves as, but are, Mexican citizens. It’s one of the reasons the State is on the verge of being insolvent.

    Even though I spent two years living in Canada, I still don’t get the French separatist movement. Really, everything is in both French and English, and they’ve got massive representation in the Government, so what’s their problem? On the other hand, considering that the rest of the country would vote to cut them loose in a heartbeat, it would seem that it’s mostly talk.

    the Grit

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