Europe car boot sale in progress

Hi Grit

I don’t think it will take as long as 5 years for Europe in general, and the UK in particular, to be out of the business field. Here in the UK we have already sold the following

1) Steel industry to India
2) Energy company to Russia
3) Toy manufacturers to China
4) At least two banks to overseas buyers
5) Car manufacturers to China, US, Germany and Japan
6) Airports to Spain
7) Call centres to Asia
8) Tax Return processing to India
9) Major football clubs (soccer) to Russia
10) Clothing shops to Spain

Is there anything left?

the Brit


One Response to “Europe car boot sale in progress”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    When y’all get ready to put the trout streams and golf courses on the block, let me know 🙂


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