No more flu, could make us blue?

Hi Brit,

I just found this, The vaccine to prevent every strain of flu, which, at first glance, sounds like good news.  However, it could make life very difficult for millions of American workers.  You may not know this, but we have a great tradition of calling in sick when we’re really feeling fine, just to get an extra day off.  Mostly, the imaginary illness is a minor bought of the flu.  If this excuse is taken away, the workplace as we know it may vanish, with disastrous consequences for our economy.  Of course, since the world’s economy rides on ours, the collapse could trigger a global depression, resulting in war, famine, and, ultimately, millions of deaths.  So I ask you, isn’t an occasional day sick in bed a small price to pay to preserve the world as we know it?

the Grit

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