Christmas / New Year factiods

Hi Grit

Here are a few facts I thought I would share with you as we rest in the lull between Christmas and the New Year.

1) Knowing your interest in Computers, I am bound to advise you not to use the ones in UK hospitals. It has just been revealed that 25% of computer keyboards in UK hospitals contain the dangerous superbug MRSA. I do not think that this is one even the best anti-virus programme can deal with.

2) UK central records have 6 million fingerprints on file. This means that, with a population of 60 million, I have a one in ten chance of my fingers being know to the authorities somewhere. Gives a new meaning to the term “let your fingers do the walking.”

3) Did you know that the original costume for the lion in the film Wizard of Oz was made from real lion skin? Can you imagine the up “ROOOOOOAR” if that happened today?

4) Scientists, intent upon spending the public purse, have been studying bird songs. It has now been proven that the tweets of the birds in town are more hip than those in the country. That might explain why the “Sparrow rap” and “Cool Crow” tunes are so popular.

5) Teenagers, those strange humans somewhere between children and adults, have set a new record. It has been found that one third of their speech consists of only 20 words. Does this mean that if you ask them for a twentyfirst word they would become speechless for a third of the time? I wonder how many parents would welcome that?

the brit


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