Celebrity sex and a bit of confusion

Hi Brit,

This is most odd.  I was searching for some more illicit news about our favorite scandalous strumpet, Britney Spears, and I found it, perhaps.  I stumbled across this site (warning: very adult content!!!)  Paparazzi Filth and, being weak, how could I resist?  Not only does it offer a video of Britney and her ex-spouse doing what married people do, it offers a lot more!  The problem is that, while these women are supposed to be celebrities, I don’t know who half of them are!

OK, I know I’m old and out of touch as far as Hollywood junk is concerned, but I do watch a movie now and then.  So, who are these women? If these are just the ones who, like Britney, expose themselves for publicity, how many are there, that I haven’t heard of, who maintain a relatively decent life?  What, is there a “starlet for a day” movement that no one bothered to tell me about?  And I thought keeping track of politicians was hard!

Thus, if it’s that important to the general public, and, more importantly, our readers, I will devote a portion of my day, a great personal sacrifice, to searching out all these new celebrity tarts and keeping y’all informed.  That is, until my aging heart gives our 🙂

the Grit

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