Blair – Just another passenger

Hi Grit

Our Prime Minister Blair does not have special flight treatment, especially when he is going on holiday. Most of the time he travels on a normal commercial airline, although this will always be British Airways. If there is an especially large entourage, then BA will put on a flight especially for this purpose, but we do not have an RAF 1 like your president.

Ocassionally, the Queen will lend him her plane (as long as he has been a good boy, which is not too often at the moment.) However, most of the time he travels on normal flights. Perhaps it was the weight of his entourage that made the aircraft overshoot the runway.

john-prescott.JPGAs for who was running the country, I think we have been leaderless for the last couple of days because John Prescott, the deputy Prime Minister, was in hospital during Christmas with Kidney stoned problems. Mind you, he doesn’t look that happy about it. Perhaps the word Kidney was added to save embarrassment.

As to running the country, we have this little problem at present apart from Blair being out of the country. A) No-one knows when Blair is stepping down, although it is expected to be before our police force issue charges over the “cash for honours” scandal. B) Gordon Brown, who is suggested as the successor, is embroiled in the same issue.  C) John Prescott, the deputy PM, has put his foot in it over so many issues in the past year that he is being measured for edible shoewear.

That does not leave us with a lot of leadership choice. Mind you, with the way that political correctness is going in the UK at present, our next PM could well be of the veiled variety.

the Brit


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