Kylie dominates Britney

hi Grit

In a poll of teenagers for 2006, regarding who was the most inspirational celebrity role model, Britney spears only managed to come seventh, despite her marriage split.kylie.jpg

The lady who deservedly took top spot, was the Australian idol Kylie Minogue, who showed immense courage in her fight against breast cancer. Kylie certainly deserves the accolades for her bravery.

the brit


2 Responses to “Kylie dominates Britney”

  1. Puck Says: is medicine that cures one not bravery…and is she not so fortuante that unlike others she has no home to clean or washing and iroing and cooking and kids ..she was waited on hand and foot and got to take a whole 18 months off where most are lucky to get 3 months off and have ot return to work sick and still keeo the house going and the hubby and kids happy and well fed.This is such a load of PR tosh about her.She is no more “brave” than any of the millions of other sufferers of this disease. Damn set back has been milked to death by media as if she was the nolt famous person to ever have cancer. Good grief.

  2. Kylie Says:

    Kylie Minogue triumphs at her New Year’s Eve comeback show Add as My Number One

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