Search the search engines

Hi grit

I know it is Christmas, but I couldn’t resist this piece of news. The top searches list has just been released from all the major engines. Apart from the one search they do not include in the list, which is sex, guess what is the most searched topic?

Search Engines

Yes, that is right! More people search on search engines for other search engines than anything else. Can you believe that? I love the madness of Christmas. Isn’t life wonderfully humorous sometimes?

the brit


4 Responses to “Search the search engines”

  1. Geoff Goldstein Says:

    Brit and Grit,
    You can make your own search engine, too, by joining Google Adsense and copying a snippet of code for a search box into a blank white space area of your site or blog. See my site. Geoff.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Geoff

    We will definitely look into this. Thanks for the info and your site.

    the Brit

  3. Says:

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  4. free music Says:

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    […]Search the search engines « Conversations with Brit & Grit[…]…

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