Katie Rees, Miss Nude World?

Hi Brit,

Searching for search engines is interesting, but the number one for blog searches is for Miss Nevada.  So, I’ve hunted up some good news for the party girl.  It would seem that there could still be a pageant title in her future: Miss Nude World.  Sure, it’s not quite as glamorous as Miss USA, but you save big bucks on costumes.

the Grit


8 Responses to “Katie Rees, Miss Nude World?”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Good idea! I didn’t even know there was a Miss Nude competition.

  2. AOV Says:

    I think I saw something about Miss Nude World on one of those HBO Real Sex specials.

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hello and Merry Christmas,

    As I understand it, there are several nude competitions. There’s one for Canada, one for Europe, and one for North America. Thanks for stopping by.

    the Grit

  4. Unpgh Says:


  5. dpu666 Says:

    The judges also would be nude i guess. 🙂

  6. arianna starr Says:

    how do entrants qualify – is the competition still running and could you feed me any relevant information – I am a title holder from Australia and now i have time in my life to devote to this kind of event i would love to be involved.

    ❤ A*

  7. arianna starr Says:


  8. AvaimiTit Says:

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