Hillary Clinton snubs French candidate ?!

Hi Brit,

Here’s an amazing bit of news.  Clinton and Royal – Sharing ambitions not handshakes?  It would seem that the liberal candidate from France is too much of an embarrassment for Hillary to be associated with.  This is odd, seeing as how our liberals, including the Clintons, are constantly harping about how much Europe, that is France, hates the US now that our President refuses to kiss the proffered Old World behind.  The mantra is always that we need a Democrat in office so we, once again, will be loved by one and all around the globe.  Yet, Senator Clinton, who may be President Clinton in a few years, can’t take an hour to feed Royal, who may be President Royal by the time Hilary takes office, some lunch and get in some cheek kissing practice?  I guess it’s easier to talk about these things than to actually pucker up.

the Grit


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