One more and it’s all over!

Hi Brit,

I suspect that, until now, you may have been a bit skeptical about the accuracy of my end-of-the-world predictions.  With this revelation that should change, and you’ll get busy putting your affairs in order.

“Rocky Balboa”  Yep, number VI (that’s how the Romans wrote six) in the Rocky series has hit the theaters.  While I have heard several random strangers on the street muttering, “Six.  Six?  Six!  How can that be?”  that is not the connection to impending doom. 

Note, if you will, that “Balboa” has six letters, while “Rocky” has five.  Subtract the two numbers and you get one.  Add that to the sequel number, 6, and you get seven.  Seven is associated in various prophetic circles with the end of the world.  Thus, Rocky VI is a sign, warning us that when the first paying customer (money being the root of all evil) sees the opening credits for Rocky VII, the world goes belly up.

So keep an eye on the entertainment news and, when you see the announcement that #7 is filming …

the Grit


2 Responses to “One more and it’s all over!”

  1. Jayne Says:

    OK, so the world will end on 31st December 2012! This acording to the Mayans – possibly floods!

    Anyone into boat building?

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Jayne,

    Ah, but according to the Bible floods have already been used. I used to think it would be a revolt by the robots that would do us in. However, since our scientists and engineers haven’t been putting in the overtime on getting the robots up and running, I’m leaning toward an invasion by giant, intelligent, killer insects from outer space. Either that or a mistake with nano-technology that accidentally eats the world.

    the Grit

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