Israel’s nuclear weapons, long gone

Hi Brit,

I guess it’s something to do with the time of year, but my usually unreliable source is almost impossible to shut up.  At least this time, I know what set him, her, it off.

FM spokesman asks Int’l organizations to investigate Israel’s nuclear issue

Along with a link to the article I got:

“There are two things concerning this news item you should be aware of.  The first, and least important, is that Israel no longer maintains a nuclear arsenal.  Between the years of 2001 and 2003, they switched their deterrent capability to satellite based death rays and giant killer robots.  The activation of these devastating weapons of war is even automated, so that no one needs to work on Holy days.

The most important secret information behind this story is that this person,


who is Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, is a genetic experiment, produced in a secret CIA lab on the outskirts of Cleveland and force grown to maturity in a matter of months.  It was an attempt to produce the perfect agent to infiltrate Islamic society, by combining the DNA of this Iran’s President,


with the genetic material of Donald Trump.

The hope was that the combination of political zeal and business instincts would rapidly bring the crossbreed to power, and lead to capitalist reforms.  Results to date have been mixed, mostly being Iran’s attempts to sell weapons technology to the highest bidder. ”

I’ve got to admit that there is some resemblance.  Scary.

the Grit


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