Everybody needs a clubhouse

Hi Brit,

It’s interesting, sometimes, to see just what will drive people to violence.  It’s even more informative when those people are left-wing activists; people who are often on the news spouting anti-war slogans and all in favor of peace at any price.   You know, the ones who wanted to appease Hitler.

Street clashes flare in Copenhagen, 300 arrested

This time the everything should be free crowd is rioting because the Government took away their clubhouse.  It seems that the doctrine of the left is to respond to such a terrible act with mindless violence.

“Several hundred demonstrators threw cobblestones, bottles and fireworks at police and erected blazing barricades made from Christmas trees, trash cans and bicycles, police said.

‘It was extremely violent. It looked like a war zone and it’s been many years since we last had to use tear gas on the streets,’ police spokesman Flemming Steen Munch told reporters”

Although the story doesn’t say, I’m almost certain the Christmas trees, trash cans, and bicycles set on fire weren’t paid for by the rioters.  Typical liberals.

This also makes me wonder just what would happen if we quit paying for the UN’s clubhouse?

the Grit


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