Suffolk Murders – Diana’s death – Corruption – Burying bad news

Hi Grit

We now have a government accused of corruption, whitewash, and trying to bury news, all in the space of three days.

WEDNESDAY – the SFO was told to drop the investigation involving the Saudi Arabian deal to buy the Eurofighter, after the Saudi’s gave them a ten-day ultimatium.

THURSDAY – the interviewing of Tony Blair by police is thought to have been orchestrated to try and deflect news of the report into Princess Diana’s death.

FRIDAY – Tony Blair was to give a public statement regarding his questioning by police. Here is what happened. “Mr Blair made his comments 40 minutes later than had been expected, just as police in Suffolk were preparing to hold a press conference on the Ipswich prostitute murders. The timing is likely to spark a fresh row after Labour was yesterday accused of trying to “bury” the news of Mr Blair’s police interview, as the Stevens report into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales was being published. ” (The Telegraph).

Does this sound like burying bad news or not! What is it with this government and why pick on the police report into the murdered girls?

the Brit

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