British Professor – Nations Nanny

Hi Brit,

I know y’all have a big flock of liberals over there, but this guy could be Nanny Pelosi’s long lost twin.

Obese should have health warnings on their clothes

OK, it’s difficult to describe how insane this stuff is, so I’ll just list the points Naveed Sattar is proposing:

1: Oversize clothes should have obesity helpline numbers sewn on them to try and reduce Britain’s fat crisis

2:  more government intervention with a central agency set up to deal with the problems of obesity

3:  New urban roads should only be built if they have safe cycle lanes and new housing complexes should be constructed only if they have sports facilities and green park areas

4:  ads for slimming services without independent evaluation banned, TV ads for sweets and snacks stopped before 9 pm, higher tax on high fat and high sugar foods and tax breaks for genuine corporate social responsibility

5:  education should be provided at all levels to change behavior towards diet and physical activity, and obesity made a core part of all medical training

And then, of course, life would be perfect.  I also suspect this guy sees himself in a high paid consulting role for the new Government department. 

On a related note, I didn’t realize y’all were fat.  According to our news, our liberal leaning news, it would seem that only Americans are fat.  Oh, and evil, and lazy, and greedy, and stupid.  The rest of the world is supposed to be thin, healthy, and loving every moment of their socialist lives.  Very confusing.

the Grit


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