UN corrupts Miss USA!

Hi Brit,

According to my usually unreliable source, there is a UN plot afoot to discredit Miss USA. 

“As I’m sure you know by now, the current Miss USA, Tara Conner, has gotten into a bit of trouble, supposedly for behaving badly in New York City nightclubs.  However, I must tell you that behind this is a plot by several leading members of the UN to strike back at Donal Trump, after he called public attention to their corruption (and stupidity) recently, by pointing out how many hundreds of millions of dollars they were waisting on fixing up their clubhouse.  Who else could arrange to corrupt such a lovely and innocent girl, in New York?  Who else wouldn’t fear the repercussions of getting caught, except those with diplomatic immunity?  Who else has a score to settle with the Donald?  All the evidence is there for those who dare to look.”

Well, that’s a bit hard to swallow.  However, considering how I feel about the UN, I’m willing to keep an open mind.

the Grit

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