Suffolk Strangler – Get off the police force backs!

The murders in Suffolk are continuing to be investigated. It has also been learned that the press are now hounding the police as they try and do their best to bring this to an end. A media circus has camped around the police investigation’s headquarters and the air over Ipswich is full of media helicopters following the police helicoptor. A police officers wife on the radio today also revealed that reporters are hounding the homes of individual officers involved in the case and following them relentlessly.

Police conversations and comments are being widely reported out of context. Some media are suggesting that the Suffolk force are not up to the task.

It is not only the police citizens are being stopped in the streets in the town by a roving squad of hundred’s of reporters.

Why can’t the media get off the backs of the force and the local people. Your actions are just hindering a very important crime from being solved. Unless you Mr or Mrs Media can contribute something constructive to this investigations, keep out of the way and let the police do their job. We want this murderous individual caught swiftly. All your actions are doing is feeding his sick mind.

the brit


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