Suffolk Murders – A challenge to the news of the world!

A national newspaper, The News of the World, has put up a £250,000 ($500,000) reward. A local paper has put up a £50,000 ($100,000) reward. Both for any information leading to the arrest of the murderer of the 5 Suffolk ladies. Both of these have been the main news item across all the networks here in the UK, with the newspapers getting countless interviews.

This begs the question, why? It is fairly obvious that someone must know this person and have information that could help the police. Any normal person with a conscience would be only too willing to give over anything they know to help catch the murderer. They don’t need blood money. All this is going to do is confuse the issue as hundred’s of crazies will be clogging police time with wasteful information as they try to get a share of the loot.

Just how many extra papers are you hoping to sell with this act Mr Editor? I invite you to personally explain to us how this “blood money” advertising is justified.

£60,000 for a life? Is that all these ladies are worth. If anyone out there knows anything that can help the police in this investigation, ignore the reward. Just pick up the phone and call the police now. These ladies were all someone’s daughter, sister, mother, wife or girlfriend.

Bring these girls, their families and all the people of Suffolk the peace of closure this Christmas.

the brit


2 Responses to “Suffolk Murders – A challenge to the news of the world!”

  1. Lord Crimson Says:

    Greetings from the Realm

    I congratulate you on your astute observation. I find that I can add nothing to perfection except to say – Well said.

    Lord Crimson

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Thank you my Lord

    I find this sort of reporting quite offensive.


    the brit

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