Culture of corruption going strong.

Hi Brit,

I know y’all have your own political scandals over there, and they’re some doozies.  However, we are at least trying to be competitive over here.


Even before the Democrats can get a good grip on the reigns of power, their easy going attitude toward accepting graft is catching up to them.  The liberal poster boy for the Democrats, Barack Obama, may have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  It seems apparent that something shady is going on between the potential Presidential candidate and this Rezko character (who appears to be on his way to jail.)  However, even if Obama innocently benefited from the crook’s generosity, how can one explain someone who’s only interesting history is being a first term Senator getting a $1.9 million book advance! 

Really, for a party that ran on ending corruption in Washington, they’re off to a slow start.  Speaking of Speakers, I wonder what Pelosi’s cut was?  Of course, Clinton, the other top Democratic name in the hunt for the Whitehouse, isn’t going to bring this bit of dirt up in the primaries.  After all, she and her husband aren’t exactly clean in the area of land deals.

the Grit

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