Why UN corruption?

Hi Brit,

Besides why not, my theory on why the United Nations is so riddled with corruption rests on the attitude everyone outside the US and UK has toward that august body.  This, of course, is that, since the organization is totally useless for any real purpose, it’s only good for repaying political favors with flashy, overpaid jobs.  After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled to have diplomatic immunity and the run of New York?  My opinion is that the US should withdraw, kick the international limousine set out of the country, and turn their clubhouse into low rent housing.

Now, on to the Suffolk Strangler.  What gets me about the sad affair, and makes the occupation of the young women prominent in the news coverage, is we are shocked that there are prostitutes in prim and proper England.  It just doesn’t fit the image we have of your island nation.  The word, “England,” summons mental pictures of tea parties with crust-less sandwiches, and men with umbrellas and those little round hats.  Silly I know, but it’s hard to fight your subconscious.

the Grit


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